As a neutral wholesale provider, FB Canada Express has extensive experience in the specialty area of time critical movement and monitoring. Continual position reporting and status updates are provided until the job is complete. For any urgent freight and critical needs where time is of the essence, we offer a manned 24/7/365 service option.

Our experience and rapid deployment techniques have been thoroughly tried and tested. This is evidenced by our strong reputation and recurring demand in a field that is evaluated by stringent and timely performance criteria.

Our time critical advantage:

• 100% neutral and independent
• 100% Canadian wholesale provider
• Expedited customs release through our bonded warehouses
• 24/7/365 service support
• Recover and ship outbound from any port in Canada
• Dry ice and liquid nitrogen provision and replenishment.
• Temperature control monitoring
• Continual shipment monitoring
• Deliveries performed in our fleet of unmarked vehicles and trucks.
• Over 30 years of time critical experience

Industries covered:

• Life Sciences (clinical trials, vaccines, samples)
• Aerospace (AOG)
• Media and entertainment (hard drives, cameras, wardrobes)
• High-tech (semi-conductors)
• Manufacturing (spare parts)
• and plenty more

Your independent wholesale partner for your Canadian time critical shipments.



On Board Courier (OBC)

For the critical products that need to be delivered immediately, FB Canada Express can perform a hand carry of the shipment directly to the final destination. Our trained and experienced staff are on stand-by for your urgent shipments.

Temperature controlled deliveries

Whether we are carrying vaccines, clinical trials or blood samples, maintaining and monitoring the temperature of your shipments is our top priority to ensure a successful delivery. If needed, our DG certified employees can replenish your shipments with gel packs, dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

For time critical shipments that need to be delivered as soon as possible. FB Canada Express can get your shipment on the next flight out. Our bonded warehouses are within 10km of the 3 largest international Canadian airports. This allows us the speed and choice when dealing with incoming and departing flights.

Customs clearance

FB Canada Express has CBSA approved custom bonded warehouses, allowing effective and timely release of the in-bound goods.

Expediting delivery times with our Customs Bonded Warehouse:

Our bonded warehouses across Canada allows for shipments to be cleared before they check-in at the airlines. This enables FB to mitigate your customs clearance issues before goods arrive and it expedites the recovery and delivery to be immediate after shipments check-in. Our process has allowed our clients to avoid airline storage fees, clearance and delivery delays or failures.

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