Any package entering Canada that contains goods worth CAN$20 or more is subject to duties and taxes by the Canadian government. Charges are based on the value of the goods that are imported, the composition of those goods and the country from where the package is coming from.
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Yes. Upon request, we can provide you with your shipments corresponding B3 Canada Customs Coding Form. The B3 Form is an accounting document used for paying duties and taxes.

Charges are based on the value of the goods that are imported, the composition of those goods and the country from where the package is coming from. These duties and taxes are defined by the government of Canada.

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Your parcel will be held at a designated warehouse for a holding period determined by the shipper. If the import charges are not yet paid before the deadline expires, your package will be returned to the country of export. Please note that if you purchased these goods from a retailer abroad, there is no guarantee whether these returned goods will be refunded to you.

To expedite the delivery of your package, you can call one of our customer service representatives. They can accept Visa card or Mastercard payments over the phone. Please have your shipment tracking number or invoice number ready. Our customer service representatives can also provide you with information on how to pay online or at one of our office locations.

No, the payment needs to be received before parcel can be released. Payment at delivery is not possible.

Once paid, your parcel will be immediately released and sent into final mile delivery. For most areas in Canada, please expect 1-2 business days for your package to arrive.

The most economical way is to enter via one of the 3 major Canadian airport hubs: Toronto (YYZ), Vancouver (YVR) & Montreal (YUL). This will allow you take advantage of lower rates instead of going through smaller Canadian airports. FB Canada Express has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal which are no more than 12km away from each of their respective airports.

DDU: The DDU function takes the responsibility of the payment of duties and taxes away from your clients overseas. Let FB Canada Express take care of the collections for you. Under the DDU option, FB Canada Express has a fully tracked and automatic payment system and mobile payment app for the collection of brokerage, duties and taxes from the consignee. Pending collection, we are prepared to hold the package as instructed, then proceed with the delivery of the released product.
DDP: For DDP, the duties and taxes are prepaid by the shipper in the country of origin and the product is delivered immediately upon release.
All of the above communication is performed by FB Canada Express’ bilingual personnel (This may include languages such as English, French, Mandarin, etc).

Please send any inquiries for any of our services to You can also visit our Contact page on the website. Please include information on your company as well as any additional information regarding your product.

“Customs Bond Warehouses (CBW) are facilities licensed and regulated by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and operated by the private sector. Goods in a CBW are considered to be imported into Canada but have not been released from the CBSA. Imported and domestic goods destined for export may be placed in a CBW provided that the goods are readily identifiable.”