As a wholesale transportation service, FB Canada Express handles scheduled courier consolidations from across the globe. Courier companies and e-tailers without representation in Canada can benefit from their own consolidation to move eCommerce packages and freight cost-effectively into Canada. FB Canada Express then takes care of the customs clearance and onward delivery of shipments in a seamless manner.

For e-commerce traders, we offer a fast and efficient end-to-end service for shipping, clearance and delivery. We manage your freight movement into Canada from anywhere in the world and handle bulk/single entry customs clearance and collecting duty (DDU) where applicable. You will then have access to Canada Post injection offering cross Canada delivery reach and cost effective delivery rates.

Value added features:

  • Expedited customs clearance through FB’s CLVS program allows for quicker final delivery.
  • Fully tracked service with 10 to 20 scan events from collection to final delivery.
  • B2C/B2B and DDU/DDP shipments can all be incuded on one Manifest.
  • Automated email and/or SMS notification for DDU shipments
  • Use of one single integrated IT solution
  • Bonded sufferance facilities at the main in-bound ports (YYZ, YVR, YUL)
  • Undelivered parcels can be consolidated for return to origin (reverse logistics)
  • Tri-lingual customer service team (English, French and Mandarin)
  • 100% neutral and independent Canadian provider. No unecessary client risk exposure.
  • 100% compliant with Canadian laws and regulations.

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Low value shipements (LVS)

Are you shipping low-value goods to Canada by courier? FB Canada Express can use the Low-Value Shipment (LVS) courier program to streamline customs release process for shipment valued less than $2,500. This allows for a more simplified and expedite clearance across the Canada border: perfect for high volume, low value eCommerce shipment that need fast shipping time.

Contact one of our experts to discuss how your company may benefit by using the Low-Value Shipment (LVS) courier program with FB Canada Express.

Duties and taxes

Goods entering Canada with a value over $CAD20.00 may be subject to import duties and taxes. FB Canada Express has simplified DDU and DDP options available to allow more flexibility for it's clients.

Comprehensive solution for duties and taxes:
• Option to use 3 simplified HS codes
• DDU and DDP options
• DDU and DDP can be included on the same manifest
• Automated email/SMS notification for DDU collections
• Reclaim duties and taxes for returned items.
• Tri-lingual customer service team (English, French & Mandarin)

Reverse Logistics

Given the global marketplace, international companies doing business in Canada need reliable return options too. FB Canada Express has a flexible and cost-effective approach for shipments that need to be returned to origin. We can help you increase your competitive advantage by tailoring a return solution that works for your company and your clients.

FB Canada Express reverse logistics solution includes:
• Reclaim duties and taxes
• Convenient drop-off points for Canadian consignees
• Assessment of count and damages
• Hold shipments in bonded warehouse
• Consolidate and return to origin
• Options for disposal/destruction or donation

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