FB Canada Express has a vast experience with Amazon FBA material coming into Canada. We offer expedited customs clearance, full tracking and final delivery to the FBA. Our offices are strategically located near the FBA warehouses across Canada, allowing for a competitive final mile delivery environment.

What we do:

• Assist you in obtaining a Non-Resident Importer number (NRI).
• Recover goods in-bond from the port of entry to our bonded sufferance warehouse.
• Present the inspection/examination packages to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
• Complete the customs documentation and obtain customs clearance.
• Perform the transportation to the FBA during your FBA appointment delivery time.
• Help with your return shipments back to origin

Why choose FB Canada Express:

• Due to our bonded facility, we perform expedite clearance
• Our warehouses are strategically located near all the FBAs in Canada.
• Competitive all-in rate structure for Canada clearance and delivery.
• We provide you with full tracking and delivery updates.
• We can act as your exclusive overseas warehouse and can provide you with a Canadian address for your returns.

Contact one of our experts today to learn more about:

FBA options for shipping goods from China to Canada. Understand what commercial paperwork, duties and taxes, customs requirements and fees associated with your FBA shipments.

Port Recovery

• Recovery at the port of entry (Toronto or Vancouver)
• Transfer in bond to our customs sufferance warehouse

Customs Clearance

• Hold in bonded sufferance warehouse
• Present inspections to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
• Customs clearance


• Delivery to FBA warehouse
• Our warehouses are nearby all of the Canadian FBA warehouse locations.

Arrival at FBA

• Arrival at FBA warehouse
• Proof of delivery obtained
• Tracking event pushed back to your system

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